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Mandy Beverley, Remarkable Group

Business overview

Consultant in Personal Empowerment, Human Behaviour & Potential. I help you breakthrough to new levels of Inspiration, Creativity and Performance in your business or personal life and get comfortable playing a bigger game in your own life.

Products and services I offer

- 1:1 consulting/ coaching in person in Parnell Auckland or by Phone, Skype etc.
- Small group workshops held in Auckland (or other locations on request) introducing you to universal concepts to help you play a bigger game in your life and business.
- One day Transformation Workshops called the Art & Science of Being Human.
- I day intensives
- Dissolving grief and loss.
- Corporate and group talks on various topics including: Mindfulness, Dissolving conflict & stress, improving communication at work and home, inspiring and leading yourself and others.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

It's a fabulous way to network and share our businesses with like minded women and to get to know what everyone is doing. It establishes the know, like and trust factor very quickly so that we have confidence in referring services to our own networks. I really enjoy the camaraderie that is created in this environment.


Please go to this page for some testimonials.

My point of difference

My point of difference is that I offer sessions that quickly move you forward in your thinking and the way you perceive the world. Every challenge that you go through in life has incredible benefits for you when you look at your life in actuality, and not just a limited reality created out of limited beliefs. Things that have kept you stuck for years will dissolve so you have clarity on the way forward, live into your potential with the possibilities that exist for you, instead of constantly hanging onto what's holding you back.