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Johanna-May Manks, Johanna-May Personal Styling

Business overview

I believe everyone has a fashion style that defines them. Many just need to learn how to show it. My goal is to help you look and feel as confident as you can in every aspect of your life. I have established a method and studio to help my clients realise their potential through the careful use of appearance, clothing, style, cosmetics and visual impression. I use step-by-step processes to bring out your personality and energy, using unique colour analysis, wardrobe makeovers and personal fashion management and maintenance.

My many clients have found a new release of inspiration and confidence that have driven them to the top of their profession or allowed them to have a fulfilled career. They look better, they feel better, they perform better.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals too.

Products and services I offer

Colour Analysis and Makeup
Body line, style and fashion personality analysis
Wardrobe Planning
Personal Shopping
Retailer of 3 Brazilian Activewear ranges : CCM, BrasilSul & Kenia Cariello
Retailer of Claire bloom designs
Pellelucent anti ageing products
Retailer of Phyris skincare and JohnVanG makeup
Retailer of Adashiko Collagen products
Retailer of LiLash & LiBrow

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I've joined Venus as I would love to connect with other women in business and to broaden my horizons with new referrals and also to help other women in business with referrals.


Please refer to my website for client referrals

My point of difference

I get immense joy seeing a client transform when I work with them & I love watching their confidence build along the way. I am a Go to Girl for my clients' Image, Style & Fashion needs. I am always open for giving advice & I have a monthly programme where I am available to take care of clients' needs & questions plus assess their wardrobe twice a year and shop with them around their requirements. I have a particular knack with mixing high end fashion with lower end fashion and I love working in clients' existing wardrobes finding new outfits for them to wear. My job is my passion and I believe this shows.

My latest business news

Because my clients trust and believe in me I have extended my repertoire of gorgeous womens products so that I am a "one stop shop" Now stocking Claire bloom fashion I can offer clients NZ Designer shopping within their own surroundings or one on one in my Studio. They also have the opportunity to make the most of my background in the cosmetic industry by having a one on one consultation with my anti-ageing products and makeup products to allow for easy ongoing ordering and advice.