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The Paraparaumu meets at KEDA Meeting Room Kapiti Coast Airport Tahi Rd, Paraparaumu Beach (Left of main doors) every second Wednesday 9.15am - 10.15am.

The Leadership Team

Leadership Team: Facilitator
Name: Emily Renwick
Business Name: Get Amped Electrical
Industry: Electrical
Business Phone: 04 298 6260
Email: info@getampedelectrical.co.nz
Website: www.getampedelectrical.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/14021

Meet the Group members

Name: Ann Woolston
Business Name: Smartway Builders Limited
Industry: Building and renovation
Business Phone: 021 030 4291
Email: Ann@Smartway.Builders
Website: www.Smartway.Builders
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/SmartwayBuilders
Name: Amanda Magill
Business Name: Piggy Packers Rentals
Industry: Transport
Business Phone: (04) 237 9970
Email: piggypackersnz@gmail.com
Website: www.piggypackers.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/Piggys
Name: Kirsten Bell
Business Name: Right Meow Web Design
Industry: Website design
Business Phone: 0211251192
Email: design@rightmeow.co.nz
Website: www.rightmeow.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/rightmeowwebdesign
Name: Zebunisso Alimova
Business Name: Alimova Finances Ltd/Mike Pero Mortgages Franchise
Industry: Mortgage advising
Business Phone: 027 731 0713
Email: zebunisso.alimova@mikepero.co.nz
Website: https://www.mikepero.co.nz/mortgage-broker/wellington/zebunisso-alimova
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/zebunissoalimova
Name: Sarah Abaniel
Business Name: Kapiti Chocolate Factory
Industry: Food Supplies
Business Phone: 04 299 8098
Email: sarah@kapitichocolatefactory.co.nz
Website: https://kapitichocolatefactory.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/sarahabaniel
Name: Janine Sudbury
Business Name: Sudbury
Industry: Education
Business Phone: 063643064
Email: janine@impactlead.co.nz
Website: www.impactlead.co.nz
Name: Briony Larsen
Business Name: Trilford Plumbing & Gas Ltd
Industry: Plumbing
Business Phone: 04 297 1602
Email: office@trilfordplumbingandgas.co.nz
Website: www.trilfordplumbingandgas.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/TrilfordPlumbingAndGas
Name: Georgie Bydder
Business Name: Voyle and Co Realty
Industry: Residential Real Estate
Business Phone: 0800552233
Email: georgie@voyleandco.nz
Website: www.voyleandco.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/13726
Name: Kirsten Rattray
Business Name: Kindred.Co
Industry: Accountant
Business Phone: 04 8341493
Email: kirsten@kindredaccounting.co.nz
Website: https://www.kindredaccounting.co.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/KindredCo
Name: Sophie Kinsella
Business Name: Kapiti Law
Industry: Solicitor
Business Phone: 04 902 6700
Email: sophie@kapitilaw.co.nz
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