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Diana Thomson, Speech Marks

Business overview

Speech Marks offers Public Speaking and Presentations coaching to women (and men by appointment) because every woman voice deserves to be heard. We can help presenters overcome their fear of speaking, teach them how to prepare, minimise the stress and maximise the impact of their presentation. Owner Diana is an experience workshop facilitator and specialises in Speech assessment and feedback.

Products and services I offer

Public Speaking Business Basics Workshop through the Venus Academy
Speaking for a cause - learning to use the technology and stage
Powerpoint presentation training
Speech writing
Speech evaluation & coaching
Toastmasters competition coach
Direct & Network Marketing coaching
Speech content and structure analysis.
English as a second language assistance for speakers in the workplace.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

After over a year in Venus I have honestly got more form it than I imagined. I knew from the start that I would be learning a lot about being a solo entrepreneur but I never realised the opportunities it would give me. The people I have meet and continue to meet which have become invaluable business associates, contacts and even friends has been worth the time and money I have invested.

My gallery


I recently referred a client to Diana. My client was extremely nervous about having to speak in front of her Club, all older and experienced male public speakers, however, after working with Diana her ‘speech’ was brilliant and she received a standing ovation. I know, because I was there.
— Cindy Bakewell - Travel Broker & member of Remuera Rotary Club

My point of difference

I am living proof that a person can get good at and enjoy public speaking. I trained in the school of experience and hard knocks. My start was in Singapore where I was a foreigner and had to adjust to their way but I was mentored by some of Asia's best. This gave me huge experience in a multi cultural and multi lingual society and helping people speak the best English they could.

My latest business news

I currently have the Public Speaking Business Basics course being run through he Venus academy. It is a great for those nervous about speaking or those wanting to really hone their introduction, Q&A and objections responses.

In February 2018 I am launched the Speaker Sisterhood a fortnightly speaker training club system for women.