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Fiona Clark, BreakThrough Business Solutions

Business overview

I am a Business Growth Specialist and work with small to medium businesses who have a high quality product or service.

I work with businesses to help them increase turnover and profit by 25 – 40% in 4 – 6 months regardless of the economy. I do this by partnering and working alongside owners to quickly identify opportunities for growth, develop a strong practical plan, put powerful sales and marketing systems in place and work with staff to make it happen. I also specialize in working alongside women business owners, and have a strong passion for helping ambitious, driven women succeed in their business ventures.

Products and services I offer

At BreakThrough Business Solutions we offer a range of services to meet a range of needs:

BreakThrough Business and Strategy Planning :
The powerful planning process gives you the key tools and information you need to grow your business NOW. It provides you with a clear ‘step by step’ approach to create the greatest amount of profit in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of effort.

BreakThrough Business Premium Consulting :
This is the ultimate in Business Consulting for your company, providing exclusive one on one consulting with expert Business Growth Professionals who specialise in transforming small to medium businesses.

BreakThrough Women In Business Program :
We've developed a program to support women and teach them the essential business skills they need to grow their businesses. Showing them how to work smarter, and have a great business and family life. The BreakThrough Women In Business Program is offered across three levels of membership; Start Up Success for those in their first 2 years of operation, Business BreakThrough for those who are looking to set up their business for a 6 or 7 figure income, and BreakThrough Elite for those who own busy, established businesses who want to step back or are looking for 'cash out' in the future.
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"Fiona is fantastic….! Being in my first year of business Fiona helped me get on the right track fast, and without floundering around trying to figure things out for myself. Fiona helped me set goals and plan for my first year taking into consideration what were the main priorities and also gave me tips and tricks to achieve my goals. And guess what i did….!!!! I have just clicked over the first year and was thrilled with my results."
- Shannon Pepper , Director - Shannon Pepper Design

"I have been working with Fiona just over a year and she has helped me build my business to what it is today. I have had a 75% increase in turnover. I would highly recommend taking the steps to bring Fiona on board in your business. I have come across many business advisors/coaches but no one comes close to the service and hands on approach like Fiona."
- Pauline Stockhausen – Social Soup NZ

My point of difference

I employ a 'roll up my sleeves' approach and work intensively with my clients. It's not about a cookie cutter one size fits all method at BreakThrough Business Solutions. Every business is different and needs different levels of support, that's why we offer a range of options to suit clients who own start up businesses through to those will 7 figure salaries.