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Business overview

I create rapid mind and body transformations for those dealing with mental health and weight challenges.

My clients have the answers to their problems. I guide them how to find those answers and by working with me they remove emotional blockages, discover freedom and the pathway to a meaningful, empowered life.

I have lived experience, and as a result of my treatment, I personally have freedom from a 30-year addiction, mental health, pain and weight problems.

My ideal client is experiencing one or more of these conditions and is committed to change, as it is only when change is desired, and committed to, that brain patterns can be freed.

I'm Ali Roestenburg from Freedom Therapy - find freedom fast!

Products and services I offer

Rapid Transformational Therapy can help people overcome many different problems, including:
* Addiction challenges
* Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD
* Chronic pain problems
* Confidence, self-esteem
* Grief
* Trauma and PTSD
* Weight and eating disorders

Why I'm in the Venus Network

Rapid Transformational Therapy works! I am keen to share the successes of this therapeutic modality with as many women as I can because it works.

I need to network to share the brilliant outcomes achieved using RTT method, and I really like the intimacy of the Venus Network over any other group I've attended.

I need connection with other like-minded businesswomen, who are keen to be part of my journey, and I theirs. Venus businesswomen are the best!

My gallery


I have not had a migraine since I started doing work with Ali. I’m so grateful Ali. She does work around so many different areas including pain management, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, self believed lies and so much more - AL

I have had extremely painful bouts of fibromyalgia for years, I’ve tried everything including meds and other therapy. Ali explained that as an auto-immune disease, the mental and physical connection was something she could work with. I have had one session so far, and the pain is gone! I am totally blown away by how effective RTT therapy is! Can’t wait to tell my Doctor that I no longer have fibro - DW

I had just been diagnosed as on the cusp of Type II diabetes, so really needed to do something about my lifelong struggle with weight. I have tried every diet out there and failed every time. I had a session with Ali and before I even got to my next session, blood tests came back from my Doctor showing that I no longer was even close to Type II diabetes! Wow, this is life changing for me - NR

My point of difference

RTT creates rapid transformational and lasting change
Find freedom fast!
Outcome based, not talk therapy!
We find the root cause

My latest business news

Name change - from Mind-Worx to Freedom Therapy
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