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Bridget Adair, Fundraising Idairz

Business overview

Fundraising Idairz offers schools, sports groups and clubs a great fundraising solution.

We work with the organisation to create a great fundraiser that does not require the school or parent community to run.

Fundraising Idairz is your respectful fundraiser.

The work is done for you, It fits along side any other fundraiser.

We understand people are short of time and have limited funds so we do the work for you and find day to day products people want to buy.

Our aim is to give back to you and your community and support the growing requirement of raising fun

Here's how it works.

Fundraising Idairz will work with you to find the best products for you.

We will supply a customised page on our site and create a marketing plan for you. - SPREAD THE WORD

We process all orders and payments. Labelled products will be delivered to you.

You will receive a percentage from each sale to support your cause.

Products and services I offer

You can choose from a range of products that work best for your community and group.

We have a great range of products that can have individual names engraved or embroiders onto them to make this a great selling product for the fundraisers.

Drink bottles
Bucket hats
Cooling Towels
Lunch Boxes

The list is limitless

The main focus on great products and the service we provide of taking away the hassle and pressure of fundraising.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I joined Venus to find like minded business women to work with and learn from.

I enjoy helping others with business and personal growth and see this as a great place to learn and to give back where I can.

My business is very new so I am hoping the networking will also help grow my business.

My point of difference

Fundraising Idairz takes a lot of the challenges in fundraising away.

- Products people want to buy
- Individually named products
- We process the money and the orders for you
- We help you with creating an easy marketing plan

There respectful fundraising solution