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Anastasia Hildred, PuzzlePeace

Business overview

We help business owners and their teams to ... create a workplace that achieves great things with ease.

We believe that when the right people’s energy and effort is aimed in the right direction, a more harmonious and productive workplace is the result.

We want to help you, your team and your business to Play to Your Strengths.

Products and services I offer

Together we’ll:
- Review and re-design who does what so that everyone’s set up to succeed and contribute positively to your organisation (Structure)
- Create a clear picture of how you want your organisation to work so everything is done in a way that supports your goals and values (Culture)
- Make and follow through with your decisions to do things differently (Change)

And you’ll be ready to take any opportunities that come your way.
You'll get back your clarity and focus.
Your team will be more content.
Your organisation will perform better. ​
That’s what it feels like when all the pieces are in place.

We work with organisations of all sizes. We work across all industries and sectors, including social enterprise, commercial and government.

We're based at Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton and we work across New Zealand. But our approach and advice are always tailored specifically to your organisation.

I am the Principal Consultant at PuzzlePeace. I have over 20 years’ experience as an accountant, business manager, human resources consultant and management consultant. I work with a group of trusted associates who make up the PuzzlePeace team.

No matter what your organisation looks like, there’s huge power and potential when a team works well.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I am a Venus member because I enjoy the collegial and supportive environment it provides for me while I'm managing my business largely on my own. Our fortnightly meetings and RAVEs provide a time to connect with other women entrepreneurs to share ideas and inspiration. Thanks ladies!


“I was hesitant to work with Anastasia because I saw myself as a solopreneur, not a business, and with her high-level experience I thought I was too small-fry. I came to her because of overwhelm. I knew things could be streamlined but I couldn't lift my head high enough to see what could be changed. I literally changed the structure and systems in my business after one intensive session with Anastasia. We've saved time and money and improved productivity and efficiencies and I started to behave more like a leader/manager/boss. Most of all, I can breathe now. Having her take things off my plate, ask questions, delve, write, sketch, map, was such a relief. I started to see why my head felt so full. She asked questions I would never have thought to ask. You don't know what you don't know. Anastasia does.”
Shelly Davies, Rockstar Writer-Trainer, Shelly Davies Writing & Training

“I knew Anastasia from previous experience working with her and once I knew she was specialising in organisational structure and culture I was sold. Now my team and I have crystal clear and beautifully crafted job descriptions and an organisation chart which provide an understanding of everyone’s roles. She put my ideas into action and she was able to add in new things. Our job descriptions are now so good that they are a huge selling point for new employees. Anastasia was able to relate to my needs and work with the team – she showed empathy for the position I faced as a business owner – she helped solve my problem. I couldn’t think of anyone better to help.”
Grant Heaslip, Director and Founder, Co-Pilot Accounting

“Anastasia is great at the organisational design piece, where we really want to understand what structure is needed, what the roles will look like and how that pans out across the department. I found her great at working with, and more importantly, instantly gaining credibility with senior stakeholders. I enjoyed working with someone with a Finance background and a great level of HR expertise – you don’t often find someone with this combination.”
Employee Relations Manager, Entertainment and Hospitality Company

My point of difference

Organisations are made up of people. And we care about them.

Whatever the changes we recommend to help you, we handle them delicately and respectfully. We value everyone’s contribution and recognise what change means for you and your people, because it can be a really big deal.

And you can be sure of one thing – we’ll stick around to support and mentor you, and your team, through the whole change and implementation process.

My latest business news

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